Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Trump’s Delay Tactics Are Making A Mockery Of The American Justice System. All Proclaimed Constitutionalists Should Be Reminded That The Constitution Does Not Say A President Is Above The Law. Therefore, The Deference That Judges Are Showing To Donald Trump In The Handling Of His Indictments And Pending Trials Is  Weak, And Counter To A Fair And Equal Justice System. Political Considerations In The Process Of Dealing With Trump’s Arrogant Disrespect For The Law Is An Insult To American Citizens.
President Joe Biden Delivered An Inspiring, Energetic, And Patriotic, State Of The Union Address This Week. The Speech Neutered The Negative Narratives Republicans Have Relied On To Diminsh Biden In The Minds And Hearts Of The American People. Biden Reminded Americans Of The History- Making Accomplishments Of His Administration, Of The Threat Trump Poses To Democracy, And The Importance Of Morality, Compassion, And Patriotism.
Russia Is Doing It Again And The Republicans Are Inviting Them Into American Politics Again! Investigations Should Be Conducted Into GOP Members Of Congress Who Were Involved With The Russian FBI Informant Who Told Corruption Lies About Joe Biden. Americans Need To Know If MAGA Congressmen Are Colluding With Russia To Interfere In The 2024 Election By Damaging Joe Biden.
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