Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Tag: Crimes

If Liz Cheney Ran As An Independent In the 2024 Election, Trump And MAGA Politics Would Lose. With Cheney’s Help, The Traditional GOP Could Rescue Itself From The Extremist MAGA Movement. Republicans Like Sen. Mitt Romney, Former Governor John Kasich, Rep. Adam Kinzinger And Former Members Of Trump’s Administration Would Welcome The Chance To Cause Trump And His Movement Die Out And Be Held Legally Accountable For Their Crimes.
This Week More Nails In The Coffin Happened For Trump’s Chances To Regain The Presidency. His Lawyer Argued To The DC Court Of Appeals That Trump Has Absolute Immunity From Being Charged With Crimes. He Argued That Unless A President Is Impeached And Convicted By The Senate, He Could Order The Murder Of His Political Opponents And Not Be Prosecuted. Trump Then Gaslighted His Followers, Making Jokes About His Plans To Govern With Unchecked Violence. He Is The Most Unfunny Man Alive.
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