Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Donald Trump, Is The King Of Phony Photo OPS. He Attended The Funeral Of New York Police Officer To Prove To His Followers That He Is The Law And Order Candidate Who Loves The Police. The Truth: He Has Denigrated The Capitol Police Who Were Killed And Physically Brutalized On Jan. 6th By His Followers. Additionally, He Did Not Attend Any Of The Funerals Of Those Police Who Died As A Result Of His Planned Insurrection.
Mental Health Professionals Are Warning Trump Is Decompensating. Now You Can Buy A Bible, Gaudy Gold Athletic Shoes, Or Cologne From The Desperate Huckster Former President Donald Trump. He Is Embarrassing And Debasing Himself And The Country. Does A “Really Rich” Person Hock Merchandise On TV Begging For Money?  The RNC Takeover Is The Latest Big Grift By Trump. Poor Or Greedy Rich Donors Also Join The Trump Victim List.
These Six Books Written About Trump And His “America First” Movement  Will Convince Enough Of His On-The-Fence Voters To Abandon Him: “Prequel”, By Rachel Maddow, “Revenge”, By Michael Cohen, ” Attack From Within” By Barbara McQuade, ” Unthinkable, By Jamie Raskin, ” Peril” by Bob Woodward And Robert Costa, And ” Blowback” By Miles Taylor. Each Book Warns Us Of The Pathological Character Flaws OF Donald Trump And His DANGEROUS PLAN TO DECONSTRUCT DEMOCRACY.
Trump’s Delay Tactics Are Making A Mockery Of The American Justice System. All Proclaimed Constitutionalists Should Be Reminded That The Constitution Does Not Say A President Is Above The Law. Therefore, The Deference That Judges Are Showing To Donald Trump In The Handling Of His Indictments And Pending Trials Is  Weak, And Counter To A Fair And Equal Justice System. Political Considerations In The Process Of Dealing With Trump’s Arrogant Disrespect For The Law Is An Insult To American Citizens.
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