Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Tag: Lies

Trump’s Recent Words And Behaviors  Reveal How Mentally Imbalanced He Is. Comparing Himself To Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King, And Nelson Mandela Is A Sign Of His Narcissism. Ironically, His Sociopathy Was On Full Display When He Lied About Talking To The Family Of Ruby Garcia, The Woman Allegedly Murdered By An Undocumented Immigrant. He Lies Every Time He Speaks. Lying Should Be Disqualify Any Candidate.
Russia Is Doing It Again And The Republicans Are Inviting Them Into American Politics Again! Investigations Should Be Conducted Into GOP Members Of Congress Who Were Involved With The Russian FBI Informant Who Told Corruption Lies About Joe Biden. Americans Need To Know If MAGA Congressmen Are Colluding With Russia To Interfere In The 2024 Election By Damaging Joe Biden.
Trump Supporters Listen! He Is Lying To You, And You’re Falling For It. THERE IS NO TRUTH TO HIS SAYING, “They Are Not Coming After Me; They Are Coming After You.” That’s A False Narrative To Portray Himself As A Victim And Martyr. He Sees His Supporters As Gullible Children He Can Easily Control And Scare With Lies. All Immigrants Are Not Dangerous Terrorists Coming To Kill Us And Blow Up America. Kids Stop Believing Everything They Are Told By Age Seven.
Trump’s Low Turnout Win In Iowa Monday Yielded Only 50% Of The Evangelical Voters Voting For Him. Democrats And Never -Trump Republicans And Independents Should Be Encouraged. Trump Couldn’t Attract More Than A Turnout Of 100,000 Voters In The Whitest, Most Extremist Christian State Of Iowa. Republicans Will Nominate Him Out Of Fear And Pity. However, Most Americans See Through The Lies And Gaslighting. Iowans Are Not The Face Of Our Diverse Democracy.
In A Speech This Weekend, With A Tone Of Admiration, Donald Trump Invoked The Names Of Enemies Of The United States Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, And Xi Jing Ping. He Praised Their Opposition To The Current US Government. That Is Considered Treason. He Is The Poster Boy For Being Guilty Of Crimes Against America And Anti-Democratic. He Files Frivolous Motions To Avoid Facing Justice, Disparages Judges, Prosecutors, And Potential Witnesses, Pleads The Fifth, And Lies. What Is Wrong With People Who See These Behaviors As Masculine And Patriotic? His Supporters Should Be Forced to Admit They Share His Affinity For Violence, Revenge, Autocracy, And Racism.
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