Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Trump’s Assaults On Democracy, Military Servicemen And Veterans, And The Truth Can Be Stopped. So Can His Efforts To Support Putin’s Goal To Eliminate Global Democracies. However, To Accomplish This, Democrats, Anti-Trump Republicans, And The Courts, Need To: 1) Stop Slowing Down On Legal Actions Based On Concerns About the 2024 Election Date, 2) Factually Explain To Red, Rural America What Their Counties Will Look Like If Trump Becomes President, And  3) Convince Liz Cheney To Run As An Independent.
President Biden Is Exonerated! Republican Special Counsel Robert Hur Ruled No Criminal Charges Would Be Filed Against Biden For Having A Small Amount Of Classified Documents At His Home. Hur Said Biden Cooperated With The Investigation In Contrast To Donald Trump’s Lack Of Cooperation In His Stolen Documents Case. Hur Pointed Out Trump Withheld And Hid A Massive Amount Of Classified Documents At Mara-A-Lago. Hur’s Disappointment Over Not Being Able To Charge Biden With A Crime Caused Him To Unprofessionally Use His Report To Lable Biden As An “Elderly Man With A Poor Memory” Obviously To Please Trump.
Donald Loses Again.The 11th Circuit Court Of Appeals Ruled Against Trump’s Claim Of Total Immunity From Prosecution For A Former President. It’s Infuriating To Watch Trump Get Away With Abusing The Court System By Filing Baseless Motions And Appeals, Wasting Taxpayer Dollars, And Jamming The Court Calendar With His Nonsensical Claims Of Victimization. A Middle Schooler Would Know That A President Cannot Commit Murder Or Break Any Law And Not Be Arrested. The Media Must Continue To Magnify How Feeble, Putin-Friendly, And Anti-Democracy Donald Trump Is.
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