Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Donald Trump, Is The King Of Phony Photo OPS. He Attended The Funeral Of New York Police Officer To Prove To His Followers That He Is The Law And Order Candidate Who Loves The Police. The Truth: He Has Denigrated The Capitol Police Who Were Killed And Physically Brutalized On Jan. 6th By His Followers. Additionally, He Did Not Attend Any Of The Funerals Of Those Police Who Died As A Result Of His Planned Insurrection.
“Vote The Policies” Is The Perfect Message For Non- MAGA Americans Who Are Concerned About Biden’s Age Or Disagree With Him On One Issue.  The Majority Of Americans Agree With President Biden Over Trump On The Majority Of Policies That Matter To Them Most. Trump Has Convinced His Followers That Immigration Is The Greatest Threat To The Survival Of America. He Has Convinced Them That Sensible Gun Reform Will Result In The Loss Of Their Second Amendment Rights.However, In The Areas Of Competence, Compassion, And Patriotism Trump Is Still The Clear Loser.