Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Tag: womans

Here Is A No-Brainer! Men Should Have No Say On The Abortion Issue. Most Women, Other Than Religious Extremists, Are Angered And Grossed Out By Watching Men Decide What They Can And Cannot Do With Their Bodies Regarding Reproduction Freedoms. The Cruel Policies Of These Hypocritical, Religious Male Extremists Is Not Biblical, It’s Misogynistic. Women In Positions Of Power Should Consider Enacting Laws That Either Restricts Or Forces Vasectomies. Sounds Horrible, Right? However, Not As Horrible As Legally Restricting A Woman’s Ability To Obtain A Life-Saving Abortion Or Criminalizing An Abortion That Results From Rape Or Incest.
What Is On The Ballot in 2024? Morality Is On The Ballot. A Woman’s Reproductive Freedom And Other Personal Freedoms Are On The Ballot. National Security Is On The Ballot. Equality For All Is On The Ballot. Gun Violence Is On The Ballot. Medicare, Medi-cal, And Social Security Are On The Ballot. Election Security Is On The Ballot. The Constitution Is On The Ballot. Racial Equality Is On The Ballot. Democracy v Autocracy Is On The Ballot. Elect A Democrat Or Traditional Independent For President Because The Republican Party Of Lincoln Is Dead.